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Product Availability

We are a Kentucky Proud Market and offer the freshest seasonally grown fruits & veggies. The Market prides itself on the diversity of locally produced produce, trees, nuts, plants, and added value items. Below is a sampling of our products. For weekly product availability be sure to follow our Facebook page.


Eating colorfully is most simply done by consuming a wide variety of colorful fruits. The Pendleton County Farmers' Market offers a selection of seasonal Kentucky grown fruits. Bananas, Kiwis, and grapefruits need not apply. Unfortunately our dramatic weather swings are not conducive to the production of such fruits.

KY Brambles


Kentucky Apples



There is truly nothing like a Kentucky grown tomato. Wait, aren't tomatoes a fruit? Nevertheless Fruit or Vegetable, the Pendleton County Farmers' Market offers a wide selection of tomato varieties. In addition to tomatoes, help yourself eat colorfully from our wide selection of Kentucky grown veggies.

Kentucky Sweet Corn

Kentucky Bell Peppers

Kentucky Tomatoes


Added Value Products

The Pendleton County Farmers' Market prides itself on offering a variety of added value products. These products are developed by local farmers and are created following food safety guidelines.


Fresh & Dried Herbs

Jams, Jellies & Salsas


Cultural Arts & Crafts

As Pendleton County sits on the edge of Appalachia, many local residents celebrate their heritage by expressing themselves through a variety of artistic mediums. In addition, many local farmers' market vendors are producing soaps through the age old tradition of traditional soap making.



Meat, Poultry, & Eggs

Under USDA and KY Farmers' Market Manual Regulations, the Pendleton County Farmers' Market is pleased to offer locally raised meat, poultry, and eggs.

Farm Fresh Eggs


Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

Select farmers at the market offer a variety of planting materials, to help you beautify your landscape.

House Plants


Bedding Plants

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